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Beat the Winter Blues

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For anybody the world over, winter months is not the best time. The months after the holiday season is dark, depressing, and it leaves us feeling rather short changed after an expensive time. It’s no wonder that more and more people seek help for feeling low during this month, than any other.

For some people however, the feeling of low mood is about more than the first month of the year, and it certainly doesn’t end when February begins.

If you are suffering from depression, or you think you are, the time to get help and treatment is now.

Life is too short, really, it’s that simple.

Here at Trifecta Health NYC, we are focused on helping every single person who reaches out to make contact with us, either by telephone or by walking through our doors. We know that depression is no laughing matter, and that anyone who is suffering with symptoms, be it mild or severe, needs help in every way possible.

We offer a range of different treatment options for depression, all under the watchful eye of professional Dr. Edward Fruitman M.D.. We are proud to offer not only medications and counseling for depression sufferers, but also some other revolutionary treatment options too, such as Ketamine for depression, and TMS Therapy in New York.

Put simply, we know that one size does not fit all, and if medications haven’t worked for you in the past, we can help you with a few other options to explore.

It’s important to point out here and now that asking for help is not a failing – this is one of the bravest things you can do, and the sign of a strong person, who recognizes that they are worth so much more than feeling this way. That first step is therefore going to be the hardest, but once that is out of the way, the rest of the route is where the good stuff happens.

We are with you every single step of the way, and we offer the highest level of care and attention to our clients, guiding them towards a brighter future, free of the damaging and upsetting effects which depression and anxiety bring.

If you’ve never felt this way before, it can be hard to understand, and that is often where friends and family members of a depression sufferer can struggle. Living with depression is no fun, it’s a dark and upsetting time, and it can range from simply feeling low and hopeless, to actually wanting to end it all, simply to stop the thoughts and feelings racing through your head. You may feel numb, you may feel everything; every single case of depression is different, and that means that every single treatment route should be as individual as the person it pertains to.

This is something we understand perfectly well, and we are proud to offer our services to the residents of New York.

Maybe it was your New Year’s resolution to make your life better, or maybe you simply can’t take the feelings anymore, but whatever your motivation, the next step you take could be the most important of your life.

Call Trifecta Health today at (800) 385-3905 and get help you need!